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Bringing Health & Hope to Burundi

Bringing Health & Hope to Burundi




Burundi is one of the poorest and most neglected countries in the world and today 80% or the population lives on under $1 a day. Hunger and poverty are exacerbated by a dearth of quality medical care, most acutely felt by Burundian women and children. One in 23 women in Burundi will die during pregnancy or childbirth in their lifetime.It is a country that has faced years of setbacks, a brutal colonization, genocide, and political instability. The challenges that Burundi faces would lead many to discount it and its people. We believe this is a mistake.

Village Health Works believes in Burundi because we have seen what a vision for change, a strong will, and a community’s passion can do to bring hope and health to a country that needs both desperately. We have seen what happens when enemies put down weapons and pick up shovels to rebuild their homeland. We have seen what happens when you invest in a community and offer people a chance to be part of the solution.

Today, Village Health Works is building a 150 bed state-of-the-art teaching hospital on a mountain that just ten years ago was war-ravaged and barren. The Kigutu Hospital, Women’s Health Pavilion will provide essential and emergency obstetrics and surgical care, with a special focus on the health needs of women and children. The story of how we transformed an empty mountain into a bustling campus where hundreds of people receive clinical care, academic instruction, tools for income generation, and cultural reinforcement is truly unbelievable and still being written.

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